The Black Food Fund is a part of the Black Ag Ecosystem (BAE), a group of Black-led organizations including the Black Oregon Land Trust, Black Food Sovereignty Coalition, Feed’em Freedom Foundation, Mudbone Grown, Black Futures Farm, and Come Thru Market. We are collectively working to support Black-led transformation in Oregon and across the Pacific Northwest. Each of our organizations focuses on different, though often overlapping, components of the work (network building, education, capital, land, markets, etc.), and we collaborate to build synergy among our efforts.

The work of the Black Food Fund is powered through collaboration with the following partners

  • Collective Reparations
  • Organically Grown Company
  • The Partnership Fund – Collective Courage Fund
  • Collins Foundation
  • The Liberated Capital Food and Land Justice Fund, a partnership of Jubilee Justice, New Communities and Decolonizing Wealth Project
  • Liberating Investment for the Food and Farm Ecosystem (LIFE), a project of Resist
  • HEAL Food Alliance
  • Minnow
  • WJ Silverstein Family Trust
  • Kwik Lok Corporation
  • National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
  • Andrew X Consulting

We are always on the look out for new partnerships. If you would like to explore collaborating with the Black Food Fund, please reach out via our contact form.