The Black Food Fund recovers financial capital and redirects those resources to support Black food and land justice. The act of leveraging capital for social change is an opportunity to recover wealth and redirect its flow, as a way to offer acknowledgment and reparative redress. At its heart, this collaborative work is about creating a pathway for Black farmers to build collective wealth and use cooperative structures to pass that wealth down ways that benefit the collective wellbeing of future generations. It’s about redressing a system that wasn’t built for Black bodies.

Our redistribution of capital to Black farmers and land stewards supports community-led efforts to promote food justice and preserve Black agricultural traditions. Funds are used in a variety of ways, including to purchase new equipment to scale up business; expand food justice projects that connect Black communities with fresh, culturally-relevant foods and medicines; reclaim and expand ancestral climate stewardship practices; and more.

2021 Grants ↗

Learn about the recipients of the 2021 Black Farmer Grants.

2023 Grants ↗

Learn about the recipients of the 2023 Black Farmer Grants.

The Black Food Fund fuels Black-led food systems transformation across the Pacific Northwest. Our goal is to shift capital in ways that build wealth, self-determination, and resiliency for Black people within our regional food system.

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