Land Justice

Black Food Fund works in solidarity with our sister organization, Black Oregon Land Trust (BOLT). BOLT is a newly established land trust in the state of Oregon which is working to support Black farmers in acquiring farmland, in an effort to preserve Black agricultural traditions, feed our communities, and build wealth to pass on to future generations. The Black Food Fund prioritizes land access approaches that include communal stewardship, local control, and diversified ownership.

Climate Resilience 

We are experiencing the severe consequences of our climate crisis. Extreme weather events like wildfires, droughts, floods, and hurricanes are disrupting communities, ecosystems, and economies,  as well as endangering millions of lives. Climate change threatens agricultural production, natural resources, and food security, with a disproportionate impact on BIPOC farmers and communities.

The Black Food Fund supports strategies that both reduce the impact of agriculture on climate change (mitigation) and increase the resiliency of farms in the face of a changing climate (adaptation). Black producers need financial support to adopt practices like cover crops and no-till, which are shown to deliver a return on investment including reducing risk and environmental impacts while also increasing yield and building climate resilience. Climate resilience grants enable producers to adopt and scale practices that draw down carbon, increase soil health, and improve water quality and biodiversity.

Restorative Capital

Cultivating food justice requires expanding access to capital for Black farmers and food entrepreneurs. Through our Black Farmer Fund, Black farmers and Black owned food enterprises are able to purchase new equipment and finance infrastructure developments necessary to launch, sustain and scale up their businesses. In our first round of grants, we are awarding $59,000 to Black farmers in Oregon and Washington to support their efforts to promote food justice and preserve Black agricultural traditions.